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STOP Comparing
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Pastor Joel
Today we conclude the STOP series with the message “STOP . . . Comparing” based on scripture Genesis 4: 2b-16. We have a way of identifying our worth and performance and value based on how we compare to others. Comparing itself is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s an inevitable part of learning. It’s a primary strategy for young learners: “Which shape is different?” “What toys are in the box?” “What toys are outside the box?” “Can we get the toys in the box before mommy comes home?” We learn by comparing, but when I start to compare myself with another person, ego gets involved. Ego wants me to be exalted over another person. Then trouble is on the way.
STOP Series

Does anyone else feel overcommitted, overburdened, overwhelmed? It’s only the start of November, but is anyone’s calendar already booked through December? Is life becoming just this activity blur, rather than something savored or experienced or remembered? For the month of November we will hear from God not what we need to start doing, but what we need to stop doing.


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