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Sunrise, Sunset Jonah’s Sign
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Scripture: Matthew 16:1-4 Men, do you remember saying to friends when you were little, “My dad’s stronger than your dad?” Or “I can throw harder than you?” Or “My fish is bigger than your fish?” Inevitably the opposing friend would say, “Is not.” Eventually the argument would reach a crescendo: “Prove it!” someone would shout. So it goes in today’s Bible text. Jesus is challenged to “prove it.” His response is “the only proof you get is the sign of Jonah.” The argument is representative of the standoff between scientific materialists (the natural realm and its processes are all there is) and the Christian faith (Jesus arose). The scientific materials say, “Dumb Christians, prove it!” And we respond, “The proof is in the sign of Jonah.” While Bible believing Christians can accept truths from science, scientific materialists continue to challenge us, “Prove it!” about matters of faith and the resurrection.
The Harmony of Christian Faith and Scientific Pursuit

Today we begin a new series: “The Harmony of Christian Faith and Scientific Pursuit.” Somehow there is a perception that Christian faith does not harmonize with science. In this series Pastor Joel will show how science and Christian faith are two books with the same author that give different perspectives on the creation. God is Creator and Redeemer. This is the message of the Bible. The message of science is how this marvelous creation holds together and expands and/or contracts.


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