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Happy Friday Everyone! 

From the Leadership Team


  8:15 AM               Set Up Begins
  8:45 AM               Praise Team Practice
  9:00 AM              Catechism for 6th-12th Grade Will Meet
10:00 AM               Service Begins - Series:  "With Us . . ."
                                 - Building Fund Offering
                                 - Pathway Kids Will Meet
  2:30 PM               Park Place Intergenerational Worship Service
  4:00 PM               Hope Community Church's Worship Service in Lowell, Indiana
  5:00 PM               Jr. High Youth Group White Elephant Gift Exchange
  5:00 PM               High School Youth Group

  6:30 PM               Staff Meeting at the Church Office

  6:45 PM                Family Night at Crown Point Christian School 

  8:15 AM               Set Up Begins
  8:45 AM               Praise Team Practice
  9:00 AM              Catechism for 6th-12th Grade Will Meet
10:00 AM               Service Begins - Series:  "With Us . . ."
                                  - Pathway Kids Will Meet
  4:00 PM               Hope Community Church's Worship Service in Lowell, Indiana




On Sunday Pastor Joel will return to our current series with a message titled, "With Us . . . In the Battle," and is based on Revelation 12:1-9, 13-17 and Hebrews 12:1-3.​​​

BUILDING FUND OFFERING THIS SUNDAY, DECEMBER 10 – THIS Sunday is the second Sunday of the month; therefore, we will receive an offering for our Building Fund.

CATECHISM for 6th-8th grade and 9th-12th grade will meet THIS Sunday, December 10
and NEXT Sunday, December 17 from 9:00 a.m. - 9:50 a.m.
 ​    6th - 8th grade catechism (Room A151) is team taught. Middle schoolers will
     study the CRC Dwell curriculum which includes 6 lessons each on “What do I do
     when things fall apart?/Belonging to Jesus, What’s the Covenant All About?, Who
     is God?, Who is Jesus?, and Who is the Holy Spirit?
     9th - 12th grade catechism (Room A117). High schoolers will study the Belgic Confession.

​PARK PLACE CHRISTMAS INTERGENERATIONAL WORSHIP SERVICE THIS SUNDAY – Our next Park Place Intergenerational Worship Service will be THIS Sunday, December 10 from 2:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. We'll sing lots of Christmas songs, have the prayer chair, encourage young musicians and singers, hear a short children's message, and share goodies and fun with our Park Place grandparents. 

HOPE COMMUNITY CHURCH – You are invited to Hope Community Church's weekly worship service THIS Sunday, December 10 at 4:00 p.m. using the facilities of the First Church of the Nazarene, 18210 Clark Road, Lowell, Indiana (located directly behind the Strack & Van Til on Rt. 2/Main Street). Drop by for a visit to support this infant congregation.

JR. HIGH YOUTH GROUP – ​​THIS Sunday, December 10 from 5:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. is our Christmas Celebration with a White Elephant Gift Exchange (just a wrapped gift of $10 value--either from your home or purchased--that we will exchange) in St. John, Indiana. Dinner and Drinks/Dessert will be provided.

HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH GROUP – ​​will meet THIS Sunday, December 10 from 5:00 pm. - 6:30 pm. in St. John, Indiana. If you have any questions, please call the church office at (219) 558-0573. 

​DECEMBER FAMILY NIGHT – Our next Family Night is Wednesday, December 13 from 6:45 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at Crown Point Christian School. Blue Night (boys K-8) will have a Gym Night, Pink Night (girls K-8) will be making Christmas cards, ornaments and having their Christmas Party-Art Room and Adults will be Christmas Caroling at Park Place. Adults please meet first at school at 6:45 p.m. We will be finished by 7:50 so parents can pick up their kids from Pink and Blue groups.

CANDLELIGHT SERVICE NEXT SUNDAY – Plan to attend our Candlelight Service NEXT Sunday, December 17 at 5:00 p.m. at Crown Point Christian School. Our very own Pathway Kids will be singing! Nursery will be provided. 

CANDLELIGHT SERVICE INVITE – Have some friends you'd like to invite to the Candlelight Service? Pick up a postcard invite at the information table on Sunday. We sent out 776 Candlelight Service invite postcards to those new to St. John in the last year and a half. Please pray for those receiving the postcards.

WILD GAME POTLUCK WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 10 AT 6:00 PM – Six volunteers are needed for the Wild Game Dinner to help Pastor Joel with set up, take down, and meal serving. Please call the office if you can help, (219) 558-0573. Fishermen and hunters, think about what crazy/wild foods you’d like to bring. Everyone else, prepare a sane/normal favorite dish. Invite your friends. We will have a live, wild animal show. Also, get your pictures of 2017 fish and game catches into the office for display on our “trophy board.” Send these to pathwayadmin@pathwaycrc.org.

SMALL GROUPS/SERMON SERIES – Basic.We Are Church:  This is a Francis Chan small group, sermon, eight session series on what church would be if we did it like they did it.Coming to Pathway on January 14.Every adult is strongly encouraged to join a small group. Group sign ups coming soon.

NEEDED:  CHILDCARE PROVIDER FOR SMALL GROUPS – Childcare provider for small groups starting in January is needed for a small group.
           - Person should be 16 or older
           - Will be paid $10 per hour
           - Will be needed Sunday late afternoon from January - March
           - Interested people may contact the church office at (219) 558-0573

NEW BLOG POSTED THIS MORNING – Pastor Joel has a new blog as of this morning, "Ashley's Story." It may be found on the website, http://pathwaycrc.org/, Under "Resources," Under "JZ's A to Z Blog" or click on the following link to read:  http://pathwaycrc.org/blog_new.aspx?viewblogguid=ed0e14f2-60fe-4cf5-8ce8-4b0deebb0dbf&parentnavigationid=40991

WOMEN'S BIBLE STUDIES will meet again AFTER the holidays. See you in January!

SET UP/TAKE DOWN OF CHAIRS – Interested in joining the Set Up/Take Down Team? We currently have a GREAT group who faithfully set up chairs and take down chairs every Sunday morning and even some times in between for special worship services or events, but we could use a few more people to join—YES, men AND women! If you feel you could serve Pathway in this way, please contact the church office at (219) 558-0573 or pathwayadmin@pathwaycrc.org.

Please remember to check out our website, http://www.pathwaycrc.org/, for more information on all our programs and opportunities.

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Opportunities to Serve

A BIG THANK YOU to all those that bought gifts for our Angels of Hope families. What a blessing to give a gift to a stranger in need. This is such a highlight to every one of them as they are dropped off by Chicagoland Prison Outreach Associate Director Corey Buchanan. 

Another BIG THANK YOU to those that bought hats and gloves and also those that served at the Roseland Dinner! Peace Church really appreciated our support, assistance and fellowship. If you'd like to view some pictures from the dinner, they may be found on the website under "Media," Under "Photo Gallery" or just click this link:  http://pathwaycrc.org/photoGalleryPhotosv2.aspx?viewphotoalbumguid=6eeb4f10-67ee-4a59-898e-4de04bab32b6&parentnavigationid=40999

This month our offering will be for World Vision (December 24). We will be purchasing animals. A goat feeds a family for about 10 years, chickens lay approximately 300 eggs a year, and a sheep provides nutritious milk and wool for clothing. You may earmark your financial offering for World Vision anytime this month. Your gift will help prevent poverty for children and families around the world. 

​If you have any questions on the above opportunities, contact Terri at pathwayoutreach@pathwaycrc.org.​

From Pastor Joel

Sunday's message is "With Us . . . In The Battle." When we think Christmas, we ponder a gentle scene of a young mom and dad in a barn holding their newborn baby as animals look on. However, that's not John's take on Christmas in Revelation 12. He pictures a woman having a baby, while a dragon awaits his delivery so that he can devour the baby. When the baby is divinely protected, the dragon selects a new target for consumption, you and me. Sunday we consider how God is with us even during our battle with the dragon.  

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See you on Sunday,

Pastor Joel and the Leadership Team




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